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Website Updates in Progress

The website is currently being populated with content, which we hope to complete within a few weeks. Near term additions will include downloadable content, including SE-FIT® software, video tutorials (hosted on YouTube - "SEFITVideos") and updated contact information. After these tasks are completed we will begin adding technical publications and case study demonstrations. At any time comments or suggestions may be sent to research <at>


Site Launch

SE-FIT® software is currently under development with several minor increments expected in the coming months. During this process the website will be populated with case studies, examples, tutorial information and hopefully discussions in the forums by users of both Surface Evolver and SE-FIT® software. It is our objective to promote usage, get user feedback, and even provide insight into the physics of capillarity where appropriate. In addition, we would be very interested to know how people are using SE-FIT® software and what they'd like to see in the future. Comments can be discussed in the Forums or provided as Feedback via the contact page.

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